Technique to Changing Your Negative Attitude to an All Good Attitude!

I’m going to share a technique with you that changed my life several decades ago. I was taught by a wise spiritual teacher to pronounce everything in my life “as good.”


Initially I used to argue with people, protesting that everything in my life wasn’t good. Then my teacher said, “Try to accept everything in your life “as good”, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


When I first started to do this, I was criticized by others for my “Pollyanna” attitude. I was criticized for not looking at things realistically. I came to realize, that always looking at things negatively was NOT a realistic attitude. Over time, the same people that used to criticize me saw such a change in me that they wanted what I had obtained.


I have been amazed at how blind people are to the good in their lives. The good always overwhelms the bad. If you cannot believe that, then you need this exercise.


I have seen this exercise eliminate depression in people that did not have chemical imbalance, but that had been focusing exclusively on the bad things in their lives.

Here is the technique:

Pronounce every personal experience as good and by that mental attitude you will call forth only good in your life. What seemed bad will disappear, and only the good will remain.


By the act of pronouncing every experience good, you can transform your life and your thinking. Such a pronouncement is an expression of faith and absolute goodness, and as you put your faith in this goodness you will see it coming into manifestation in every aspect of your life.


You will see good in yourself and in all others, the good that was there all along. Where before, you were focusing on the bad, now you have eyes to see the good that was invisible to you. You see beyond appearances. You see beyond appearances to the power of God at work.

You become more aware of, and in tune with, the harmony of the universe.


Your mental attitude of pronouncing every personal experience as good has a healing effect on both your mind and your body. Your health improves, and you feel harmonious and at peace within yourself. Your human relations will be good because you are pronouncing all relationships as good. Others will feel the effect of your faith in the good of everyone and everything.


I know that life brings upon stress and ‘not so good’ days, but if we focus on even seeing those experiences as ‘good’, you will start seeing things differently.  Here’s to all that is good in your life, which you will discover is everything.

Hasta la Proxima,






  • Keisha

    June 26, 2016

    My prlboem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

  • Rain

    August 28, 2016

    Your’s is a point of view where real inleitlgence shines through.