Step One to Freedom

On this blog, I want to share with you the first step I took to move from fear to freedom.  As I mentioned in ‘about me’,  I grew up shy and chose not to talk at school until the 4th grade.  What made me want to talk?  My teacher – Ms. Bell.  I think everyone has a teacher or a person that influences them to take a positive step forward.  What exactly did Ms. Bell do that made me want to talk to her versus every other teacher who tried?  It’s really not what she did, but what she didn’t do.  I have a degree in education and have learned how children develop both cognitively and emotionally.  I struggled with language and fitting in, so I saw that as my ticket out to communicating.  Funny thing is that I had a elect mute child as a teacher too and she had the same reasons for not talking –  fear of lacking competence.  What do I mean?  Both my student and I came into the school system with a lack of the instructional language.  I was learning in English, but wasn’t competent in it, so was my student.  We were also both shy, so we didn’t take risks due to lack of confidence.  We found comfort in staying quiet and not proving to other children that we were incompetent.  So what did Ms. Bell not do to make me want to take risks and talk?  She proved to me that I was competent by looking past my lack of understanding.  She kept me after school and provided me with purpose by giving me tasks to do that proved my competence.  I had renewed hope in my abilities and eventually had trust in her.  Didn’t take long before I was sharing my successes  with her through conversation.   I did the same for my student.  Kept her after school and gave her purpose which led to hope and trust.  Had her talking in no time. 🙂

Step One:  Renewed Hope

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