About Chelito


A little bit about me and how I ended up here.  I am a Mexican American born in Lubbock, Texas and raised in Chicago, Ill.  Both of my parents are from Mexico, so my first language was Spanish.  I grew up extremely shy who elected not to speak until I was in the 4th grade.  Language had a lot to do with my hesitation.  Being in a school where no one spoke my language was difficult.  I had fear of saying something wrong and being ridiculed.  Gangs and drugs were very much my reality growing up and I think being so shy kept me away from all of this as I was luckily never involved in either.


I graduated from high school and attended Pan American University, now known as the University of Texas – RGV.   I struggled deciding what to study.  I really liked business, but couldn’t get passed the need to talk to others.  I eventually decided on teaching. I realized I had a servant heart and really enjoyed being with children.  I passed all my classes except I really struggled with my student teaching class.  My teacher was really worried that I would not do well as a teacher since I was afraid of speaking to the kids in class.  Trust me when I say, I struggled, but eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Bilingual Education.  I think everyone that knew me in high school were shocked that I actually went into education being that I was so shy.  I have to tell you that it was a true journey getting through my fears.  I struggled my first day of class, but survived.  I taught for eight years, 2nd – 5th grade and eventually found comfort in teaching.  I enjoyed it, but still had that itch for having my own business.  I tried everything from Pampered Chef to Polaris Global, but guess what kept me from being successful?  You guessed it – FEAR!!

Fear has been a part of me my whole life and when I was teaching I reached a point of conviction to push myself through it and do what my heart desires – having my own business.  I started by going into administration after being coached by my principal to try.  Spent 10 years as a Asst. Principal and an Elementary School Principal.   l was successful at that, but still worked daily through my fears.

My Journey from Fear to Freedom

8 years ago, my husband was relocated for a better position, so I was faced with all  my fears again.  In a new place with strangers and no family.  This is where my journey began and am still after.   I have spent the last 8 years going through online courses on self improvement.  I have decided I am ready to challenge myself to reach my dream of having my own business – online.

I have researched and decided to partner up with John on getting my first product out to the public.  Fear – YES!  If I have learned anything in my last 50 years, is push yourself through it……. I hope you join me on this journey.

Con Carino,