3 Tips for Staying Motivated At Work

There are days that work at the office that can bring you down.  The moment you step out the office door you feel like you’ve already spent every ounce of your energy. This normally happens when there’s a lot of deadlines to beat, your boss breathing down your neck, and you have a ton of paperwork to get through. Although we all encounter this type of reality, you should not be discouraged with these things. Believe it or not, you are very lucky!  You have a place of employment that gives you money for your efforts!  If you find yourself lacking reasons to feel encouraged, here are a couple of tips and hopefully keep you from losing sight of your blessings:
Imagine Your Accomplishments
Probably the best way to get yourself motivated with work is to think about that sweet moment when you’ve finished each task assigned to you. It’s very delightful feeling that you have accomplished everything and all the burden and stress on your mind just disappears into thin air. Thinking of that feeling of finishing your tasks will surely enlighten your mood. No matter how boring or tough the task may be, knowing that there’s some enlightenment waiting for you at the finish line makes you feel energized, determined, and motivated.
Scare Yourself A Bit
Yes, you read it right. Scaring yourself a bit.  I don’t mean looking at out of this world zombie apocalypse type of scare but rather a more serious approach to realistic concerns. Imagine yourself in a situation out of your control. A little scare can be a good source of motivation. Thinking of the consequences can push people beyond their limits. You could harness this feeling even if there’s no real concern of any sort. It’s like creating a hypothetical problem that can scare you to work better in the real world. It’s purely psychological but the results are quite real and good for you.
Have That “Stuck” Feeling
Have you ever imagined yourself glued to your chair? Try this one out and imagine yourself being held down, your back glued to your chair, your feet nailed to the floor, and your only option to escape is to finish your tasks and finish them well. It’s a little too much for some but there are just some people who need a little extra motivation than others.

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    June 29, 2016

    Great ideas!

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    August 28, 2016

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